Birth of Isaiah – Mater Mothers Hospital – Brisbane

I can assure you of this…. I shall never tire of documenting the journey of a woman in labour  and the birth of a baby into the loving arms of the waiting family.

It is heartwarming and heart stopping all at the same time. There is nothing predictable about it and time becomes insignificant.

Being a birth photographer is something I do because, without a doubt, it is a passion.

To be able to give the gift of birth photos brings me almost as much joy as those photos bring to the people who invite me to be with them during their birth.  It’s love all around!

SO what is birth photography, you might ask….. isn’t it a bit ….. well you know… a bit…. yuk/embarrassing… a bit OMG!

Ask any mother who has had her birth photographed and it won’t be any of those things.

This is what Samantha told me….”Thank you a gazillion times over, you amazing woman.  So many wonderful emotions felt watching my video!  There are no words to describe how happy I am with it.  You are a godsend!  It’s amazing. I love, love, love the photos!  They bring back so many memories.  I’m so glad I found you to do this for us”

If you are wondering if birth photography is for you… take a look at the clip, and if it tugs and your heart stings…. we need to talk.

(please be aware there is a crowning image in this clip)

Baby Todeski birth 2017 from Bronwyn Hawkins on Vimeo.

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