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Every birth is a miracle….and one that I love to document for the couples who intrust me with the honour of being their birth photographer.

The birth of your baby is not only one of the most significant and memorable moments in your life is is also an incredible achievement!

One that is worthy of celebration!  And… celebrations need to be documented!

Recorded discreetly and with a sensitivity to the emotion of the journey, you’ll be glad you booked a birth photographer.

Your birth photos will document the myriad of emotions you and your partner journey through during your birthing experience.

Birth photos are a precious gift for your newborn child.

Imagine them being able look at images that show the emotions that go with the very first cuddle you have with them; the way Mummy and Daddy responded the moment of their first breath.

If you agree, and you simply must have a birth photographer, then say hello above.  I’d love to hear from you.

Take a moment to meet some of our Wild Whimsy birth families:


Why have a birth photographer?

Why not I say! It’s up there with a wedding as far as significant milestones in your life. Then we leave capturing it to the hospital staff, the distressed, elated, or somewhere in between Dad, or a family member. All these people are very involved in supporting you through your birth journey as they should be. A birth photographer is there to document the journey you take with these people as you bring your new baby into your family. Birthing a baby is without doubt an awesome achievement for any woman and her partner, re-living this beautiful miraculous journey is totally amazing.

What is birth photography?

It’s documentary. It tells the story, not only about what happens at the actual moment of birth but the interaction with your emotions as it unfolds from early labour through to first snuggles. The photos are shot using the available natural and ambient light. Your images will be presented in a format that helps to reduce the ‘hospital’ scene and lets you focus on the story the image is telling. Colour images will be soft and subtle and chosen so as to reduce any impact that your family or friends might find offensive.

How far in advance do I need to book you?

As soon as you can is always a good rule of thumb. I take a limited number of bookings. A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your due date (and the surrounding weeks)

Will we meet you before the birth?

Absolutely! I think it’s important you feel comfortable with me as I’ll be with you during one of the most private experiences you’ll likely ever go through. Around 36 weeks is a good time and I like to meet your partner too. We will also take your complimentary maternity photos at this meeting, if you elect to have those. I be interested in the story of your decision to be a parent and we can discuss any questions you might have. It’s generally a time to get to know each other.

Do I need to talk to my Doctor to tell them I have a birth photographer?

It’s recommended yes! It is your responsibility to make sure that your midwife, Doctor and hospital will allow photography during your labour and delivery. You may be limited to the number of support people you can have in the delivery room when your birth is in a hospital. If you have chosen to journey through a home birth please let your midwife/doula know you have a birth photographer.

Please note that if any unforeseen event occurs that requires treatment or urgent medical attention for you or your baby, or causes the planned delivery method to change (i.e., C-section) then I may be required to leave the room during the delivery. I will remain close by to capture the first snuggles and to document your family and friends meeting your baby.

Can I still have a birth photographer if I’m having a ‘c’ section delivery?

You will need to check with your Doctor and the hospital. If they only allow one support person you might ask them if they would make an exception for you and allow one support person and a photographer.

How long will you be at my birth?

We can discuss this more when we meet.  I will be with you while you are in active labour, and beyond the birth for a least several hours.

I can’t imagine having a photographer in the room while I birth my baby?

That’s okay.  A birth is very personal and your birth space needs to be right for you.  A First Moments package which designed to document the moments just after your birth is an option. It documents the bonding moments that you and other family members will have with your baby.

How many images will we get?

That will depend entirely on the journey of your birth story. Expect somewhere between 150 – 300 images with approximately 100 included in your Baby Journal Book.

How soon will we see our images?

I will have a sneaky peek or around 5-10 images available within 24 hours of your birth. You’ll be free to share these with your family and friends. A birth announcement e-card is also provided. With your permission we like to share your news on our website and Facebook page the week of your birth and after you’ve had time to notify your family and friends.. If you feel uncomfortable with this please notify us so we can respect your wishes.

Do we have to share our images?

Absolutely not, if you don’t want to. A birth is a private event and we will wholeheartedly respect your privacy.

What’s included in our birth package?

Coverage of your birth journey, a complimentary maternity session (done at the get to know you meeting if you wish),  along with a digital image gallery presented on USB in a mini album keepsake box. We can show you a sample. You can add a highlight slideshow set to music or a gorgeous printed baby Journal book with images and space to write your thoughts and wishes for baby.

How much is your birth package?

Expect to invest between $1000 – $1500 depending on what you include in your package. Your booking fee is non-refundable. We also offer instalment plans over 6  month periods for birth bookings.

What experience do you have?

I’ve personally had 5 babies myself…. the best kind of experience really! I’m a skilled natural light photographer who loves people and is sensitive to the emotions and events that happen around me. The birth photography part of my business is expanding and I’m thrilled that more and more people are choosing to document the beauty of their births.

I’m worried about ‘too much’ being photographed and I just feel fat and swollen?

You can rest assured that we’ll discuss where you want us to draw the line. Everyone is individual and we will most certainly be respecting your wishes. 99% of the birth photos we capture are of beautiful interaction of you with your support people, during the labour journey, or of those emotive first snuggles immediately following the birth. We photograph you from what I call the ‘glamour’ angle…. and we understand you want to see flattering and discreet images of yourself.

What if there are complications during or after my birth?

I won’t desert the ship,  I’ll stay close by and respectful of whatever medical procedures or activities take place. If your baby is taken to ICU I will endeavour to capture what I can for you while always respecting your wishes and the policies of your hospital or midwifery service. If I can’t be with your baby I will document activities with your family and friends who are supporting you.

Angels are special too and we feel and extra special privileged to be able to capture their stories as well. Should you be in this position then we have an extra special package for you.

What if you can’t make it to the birth?

There is slight chance this could happen.  My schedule is not overbooked and a birth booking takes priority over all other bookings.

Should your baby decide to arrive more quickly than everyone expected then you can credit your birth package to a First 12 months Milestones package.

I allow a 3-4 week window around your due date and keep ourselves on ready alert to drop everything and get to you as soon as possible after you call us. It remains your responsibility to call me as soon as you think labour is starting. I like you to call us even if you aren’t really sure you are in labour, so we can get prepared to get to you. It might take me up to 2 hours to get to you depending on circumstances at home and travel time to the hospital. Should you miss calling me early on and your baby arrives before I do, I will capture all the first moments cuddles and an extended family ‘bonding’ session for you. Your session fee is non-refundable. In this circumstances there may be less than 100 images in your gallery.

How far do you travel?

I travel to births up to 2 hours from my home. I’m able to travel easily west to Toowoomba, South to the Gold Coast and North to the Sunshine Coast for birth photography. I may be able to travel further depending on your circumstances i.e.. if you have an induction or c-section planned.

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