We’ve noticed that the family portrait photos our Wild Whimsy families choose to treasure, are ultimately based on the unique story of themselves.  Your story is our number one priority on the day of your shoot.

I’d love to chat about the story of your family and make a time to turn it into a treasured keepsake for you like this:

Take a look below at the photography stories of some of our families and how we told them.

If you’d like us to tell your family’s story then……Say Hello in the menu above.

How will you go about telling our story?

We will chat with you on the phone, and send you our ‘Get to know you’ questionnaire…. and then chat again.  The playlist options we will send you helps you to focus on your story before the day… so that that on the day we can ‘shine’ that story in your family portraits.  It’s fun, meaningful and memorable.  The children and reluctant adults love what we do.  You are likely to be having so much fun, you might even forget you are having a photo shoot.


What should we wear to our Family portrait experience?

That will depend on the look you want.  It’s important you look as if you belong together i.e. choosing colours and a style that coordinate.

If you’d prefer a more formal look then get dressed up in your Sunday best.  If we are meeting at the beach for your portraits you’ll be wanting a more informal, and casual look so dress to match.  The best rule to follow is to make sure you feel comfortable and for the girls…. beautiful!   Avoid logos and big patterns …. check out our pinterest board (link below) for ideas on colours and clothing styles that match.


What are your policies for rescheduling a booked session?

Your booking fee is non-refundable however it is transferrable to another date, one time.  If you need to reschedule a second time then we consider it a new booking.  We will always endeavour to accommodate the needs of your family in our booking process.


Have you had experience with special need children?

Yes!  Bronwyn has worked for several years in the past for pre-school aged special needs children.  Our outlook on children is that each one is unique and individual and we look forward to meeting the needs of all our families with sensitivity.


What if my child is cranky on the day?

Well…. they might be cranky when you left home, however usually we find that with us they behave quite differently and it’s usually in a positive way.  If you suspect your child might be cranky, please discuss this with us and we will prepare extra distraction ‘material’ for your family portrait experience.


What is your ‘style’?

We are lactose intolerant when it comes to cheesy smiles!!! 100% natural genuine responses to fun is our speciality!


How much do you charge?

Most of our families will invest between $600 – $3000 on their family portrait packages.  (please contact us for our Family Investment Guide)


Do you do packages with albums or prints?

Totally and ABSOLUTELY!  It’s our favourite thing to do!  All our packages have prints included.


Will you come to our house?

See response to the above question!!!  That’s affirmative!


Will you come to the Back of Bourke, Humpty Doo or Vanuatu?

See response to the above question!!! That’s double affirmative!  There is potentially a travel fee involved.


Where should I print my photographs?

We can arrange that for you. I won’t print my family photos anywhere other than a professional lab! Professional printing labs are now hard to find. I have an excellent relationship with a Brisbane lab and we offer reasonable pricing for professional prints that remind you of the ol’ days. There is nothing in the retail sector that gets close.  We can show you a sample!


Do you do gift vouchers?

For sure!  BTW…..You are so lovely to want to give a photography gift voucher!


Can I have files on USB?

It’s kinda a long story!  Sure……. however ask yourself this:  Do you really want to be investing in professional family portraits delivered in a non-stable ageing technological format!!  Ask us about our ‘Stand the Test of Time’ digital packages!  They take the concept of digital images on USB to a whole other level.  Our Wild Whimsy families love them.



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