Harry turns 2 – Birthday milestone photography – Toowoomba

little boy in backyard playing family photographer boy playing in backyard Highfields Toowoomba Family Photographer
I was there the moment this little guy was born…. and he had a part of my heart with those cute little lips right back then.

Two years on, Harry is a champ!  He lives life with two big sisters to boss him around and smother him with love – and they do!  Harry doesn’t seem to mind though… he just gets on with it anyway!


Boy in backyard Toowoomba Family Photographer

black and white photo boy playing in backyard Toowoomba Family photographer

roaring boy playing with hippo in backyard Family Photography

I wish these photos had some sound (I know, right, why didn’t I take some video…..but I didn’t and I’m trying to be more gentle on myself this year)!  so…….the sound that went with these, I will have to leave up to your imagination.  It is etched in my memory and I’m pretty happy to say I’m sure it will stay…. after all isn’t that what Godmothers are supposed to do…. remember things like that!!


Happy birthday dear Harry!


Bron x


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