Imaginings…. 2016

Family wedding birth baby photographer 2016

Every day when I walk into my office I see this little scene and it prompts me to ponder!

The old camera reminds me of the tradition of what I do …. and the word ‘Imagine’ gives me permission (if you like) to be free to create!

I also ask myself…. could I have imagined this time and place in my life 12 months ago?  5 years ago….. 10??  And the answer is negative!  Not in a million years could I have imagined what right now would bring!

So why imagine…. if next year I’m going to look at this little scene and think “I could never have imagined what the last 12 months brought into my life …. not in a million years!”

I could be put off from pondering at all!

However I’m not….. I’m imagining I’m going to meet many more beautiful people who will become part of the Wild Whimsy family.

I’m imagining I’m going to create and capture moments with these beautiful people that they will treasure!

I’m imagining that I’m going to grow as a business person and as a photographer, by keeping my mind open, looking at my failures and using them as a spring board into successes in the future.

I’m imagining extended connections with more of the people Wild Whimsy Photography introduces me to… and a deepening of relationships with those Wild Whimsy friends from the past.

I’m imagining less paperwork and more streamlined processes that opens up the door to more time doing what I love more than admin! 😉  (an imagining that has been actioned over the last few weeks!)

And as I sat here writing to you about my imaginings….. this dandelion flew right in front of me…. and I had to chase it around the room three times… and then locate the 105mm Macro lens for the camera before I could get the shot.

Brisbane Family Wedding Newborn Birth Photographer

I’m imagining…. that action is the key to making all these imaginings come into being!

The dandelion (and the wishing it represents in my mind) just reminded me of that!

Walking recently I wondered to myself….. where did the month of January 2016 go…. and then I remembered…. it went into time with my family, time relaxing and recharging, time totally unplugged, time celebrating another birthday with the people I love, time with a girlfriend who I treasure, time with my grand-daughter, time with my teenage son…. who’s fast turning into a young man…… and documenting the stories of two little girls who arrived into the world.

And then I thought…. that’s okay…. January didn’t slip past without being noticed….. it’s just that it had a totally different pace.

So here I am ready to go…. ready for the adventure that 2016 is bound to be!

See you all soon.

Bron x




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