Samantha’s Maternity Photo shoot – Ocean View – Brisbane Birth Photographer

pregnancy Maternity photography Brisbane, Ocean View, country style

Growing a tiny human within is without doubt a significant time in any woman’s life.

Those 9 months (and sometimes many months before) can be filled with anticipation, excitement, wonder, and sometimes fear. For Samantha this pregnancy has be surprising, quick and as beautiful as her first.

Samantha said when she found out she was having baby number two her first thought was “OMG… another miracle.”  Despite all the odds being stacked against her body making even one baby…. baby number two is arriving soon.  Makes my heart sing!

Samantha is planning a calm, serene and loving environment for this birth.  Baby Noah’s arrival was long and intensive.  I love how all that knowledge gained from the first birth experience becomes the spring board for such confidence and strength the next time around.

Big brother Noah, will hopefully be present for this birth, or at least be very close by.  Samantha really would like him to be bought into the room as soon as baby 2 is placed her.  Including him in the beautiful atmosphere that is in the air when new life is bought into the room would be very special indeed.

I’ll be there to document when that wonderful moment happens.  Hurry up Christmas, so January can be here already! 😉

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