Scott Boys – Noosa Main Beach

brothers hold hands noosa main beachThe big brother here was a baby when I saw him for his last photo shoot.  How wonderful to see that that cute and spunky little 9 month old with personality oozing from him at a tender age, is delightfully energetic and full of an obvious zest for life, 4 years on.   Not only that he is also sweet and kind and a little gentleman.

Little brother has been requesting photos of himself on the wall at home for quite some time!  Heaven forbid!  We can’t have him feeling left out!

So the purpose of this little catch up at Noosa on the spit was to make sure we had a least one awesome picture for the wall of little Billy.

Home for the boys is in the Northern Territory, so it was extra exciting for them to be at the beach.

We played, ran, tried to catch bubbles and dug in the sand and in the process……..they captivated my heart.

I’m afraid I might have taken a few too many photos!

Thanks Clancy and Billy for an awesome little play date.  Hope we can do another one soon.

beach family photos boys Noosa


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